Ulrike Scriba / Objects

Ulrike Scriba

1944 Born in Worms, Germany
1961–1964 Studied sculpting at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
1964–1969 Restored the Würzburg Residence Palace
Since 1976 Established her own atelier in Gengenbach-Bermersbach in south-western Baden-Württemberg

As a guardian of an ancient art, Ulrike Scriba creates marquetry objects of a convincingly clear and plain beauty. Even if the market is swamped today with kitschy marquetry objects often mass-produced by machines, Scriba unwaveringly holds her own by elaborately handcrafting her pieces. First she meticulously cuts each piece of wood into the desired shape and then carefully puts them together. The resulting two-dimensional surface almost looks as if alive, like a relief. Scriba creates charming visual effects by utilizing the natural grain of the wood to maximum advantage as well as by the way she arranges different colors. Her creations exude the spirit of the Art Deco period in a perfectly contemporary manner. Several public collections have bought some of Scriba’s pieces, thus honoring her work. Also, in 1994 she received both the State Prize of Hesse and that of Baden-Württemberg, and in 2006 was awarded the Hanns Model Memorial Award. Scriba regularly presents her creations at exhibitions and trade shows.



Small box with silver cover
Solid ebony and pockwood, polished and waxed, plus engraved 925 silver, 10.5 x 7 x 10.5 cm.
When used in a marquetry object, naturally grown, solid wood looks like gently floating lilies in water.
Three cubes featuring black and gray bog oak, maple with bird's eye effect, dyed in red, tulipwood, satiné wood and maple, dyed in blue. 16 cm3, 10.5 cm3 and 7 cm3, respectively.
The metamorphosis of a functional box into an expressive object with an exciting surface.