Sibylle Krause / Jewelry

Sibylle Krause

1981 Born in Regensburg, Germany
2002–2006 Trained as a goldsmith at Hanau State Academy
2006–2010 Studied Jewelry and Everyday Objects at Pforzheim’s University
2008–2009 Studied at Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea
Since 2009 Has been working as a freelance jewelry designer in Esslingen/Neckar

Sibylle Krause is fascinated by all things featuring clarity and simplicity. This is also apparent in her Turning Point collection, characterized by sensuously curved bends and loops. In all her designs she explores how much reduction is possible without forfeiting the object’s aesthetic appeal. Another important aspect of her work as a designer is striving for a perfect balance between tension and its release. The Turning Point collection with its distinctive bends and loops includes rings, earrings and bangles. All the pieces in each of these categories are based on the same original shape. The alternation between wide and narrow segments lends each piece an individual and uniquely dynamic look. Quite in line with their name, they have neither beginning nor end.



Castor & Pollux rings
925 silver, diamonds. Collection with pendants and earrings also in silver black rhodinated and gold.
Asymmetry harmonizes with the play of their opposites.
Doppeltes Glück (double happiness) ring
925 silver or gold.
The eight elated combined as a sign of new beginnings and happiness.
Wendepunkt (turning points) rings
Silver black rhodinated. Collection with earrings and bracelet also in silver and gold.
The specially developed manufacturing technology allows an infinite number of individual variants. MODERN JEWELRY COLLECTION – WINNER 2013.