Ferran Iglesias / Jewelry

Ferran Iglesias

1967 Born in Terrassa near Barcelona, Spain
1990–1994 Escuela Joyería Fina Angel Glade, Santiago de Chile
1994–1996 Escola Massana in Barcelona
1995–1996 Gemology studies
1997 Established his own atelier and gallery in Terrassa

Geometrical lattice structures, often seamlessly intertwined, are the trademark of many pieces of jewelry created by Ferran Iglesias. Featuring a rhythmic alternation between the inside and the outside, these spatial compositions are characterized by an airy, light-flooded sculptural three-dimensionality. But the creative spectrum of this Catalan jewelry designer also includes rings which present themselves as veritable miniature objects and display references to architecture. One of his most important sources of inspiration is nature, for example the sea, coral and plants, but he is also inspired by many of the things that surround him, says Iglesias and adds: “Of course, I was also influenced by Catalan modernism.” In principle, he attaches great importance to regarding pieces of jewelry both as objects and as sculptures, and he always makes sure that high-precision craftsmanship is part of the creative process.



950 platinum, 750 gold.
Flowing lines merge with one another and make for an elegant, eminently wearable sculpture.
Ring object
750 gold and a diamond of 1.02 cts on a hematite base.
An architectural structure inspired by the diamond’s systematic growth pattern.